Wear your REAL SCALP with
NO LEAVE-OUT required!

Blending leave-outs and wearing
embarrassing little lace holes sucks.

Sis, it's time to #LEVELUP.
Join the Revolution

Watch how easy it is to Pop on & Go with
No LEAVE-OUT using our
PATENT PENDING Wig Installation Technique

Do you prefer to wear styles with flat smooth roots? Now you can wear the THINNEST Leave-out EVER!

Watch how easy it is to pop on and go with 90%LESS LEAVE-Out than a U-Part Wig.



NO LEAVE-OUT required!



Frequently Asked Question

Can i really wear this with no leave-out?

Absolutely! We promise it will look like it's coming from your scalp. Watch the videos above for details.

I heard there a wait list, Is that true?

Yes, that is true. This patent pending product is the only one of its kind. Given the benefits, we have extremely high demand. Also with salon closures demand increased even further. However, we do have some ready to ship units available. But they do go quickly. Click here to view ready to ship Thin-Part wigs.

If it dosen't require a leave-out why would anyone wear it with a thin leave-out?

Wearing it with no leave-out with wig clips works for curly textures in which you can have volume at your roots. If you want a style where you wear flat smooth roots then you should wear a thin leave-out.

Is it lightweight?

Yes! You will literally forget that you have on a wig!

Can I wear a side part?

Yes, the thin part wig can be worn as a middle, left or right part simply by moving the wig to the location you wish to wear your part. If you want to wear a deep side part then you will need to wear thin strands out on the side you put behind your ear.

Can I wear this in a pony tail?

Yes, but we recommend a thin leave-out for any style that will flatten the roots around your part

I heard your Bobby pin method was the best method for it to look realistic. Is that true?

That use to be true but not any longer. Through focus group testing, we improved the product, so now you can wear it with wig clips, as seen in the videos above and it will look even better than our Bobby pin method. It's also much easier and takes a few minutes. Previously wearing it with wig clips caused slight bulk in the roots area. But now it lays completely flat! Therefore Because wig clips are easier, we highly recommend this option for those who wish to wear curly hair with no leave-out. If you want to wear straight hair with no leave-out then you will still need to do our Bobby pin method.

Are you black owned? Yes, we are 100% black owned.

Where does your hair come from? Our raw virgin hair is sourced from Asia (which is where REAL virgin hair comes from). Our manufacturing is near the source or raw virgin hair.

Our Mission

We invented products to improve the experience black women have with wigs and hair extensions. We believe that we should be able to have extensions and wigs that are

  • 100% undetectable (in real life where there are no phone filters)
  • comfortable (no sweating, itching or feeling like you have on a hair hat)
  • saves time (other than natural hair influence rs who do their hair for a living, who else has time to spend hours on perfecting a twist out when it will only look good for 2 days)
    and of course the hair must look gorgeous!

We continuously invest in developing innovative technologies and improving upon our patented and patent pending products and techniques. Why? Because our customers deserve it!